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First post of new crop season

As I write this, the sun is deciding whether or not it wishes to shine.  Corn that has been planted appears to have a very short radical (main root developing from the kernel) in many fields.  For those of you with corn in the ground wondering if it will come up or not, only time will tell.  The following article posted to CropWatch may ease some of your concerns for now.

For those of you who haven’t planted yet, you’re most likely getting anxious to get the seed in the ground.  It’s important to start that seed off right.  Mudding the seed in the ground can only cause headaches later on and shallow planting in wet conditions can lead to rootless corn syndrome.  See the following article from Iowa State University regarding similar planting conditions in 2008 and resulting emergence.

I would encourage you to share what you’re seeing in your fields now and throughout the coming growing season!

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