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Afghanistan #Ag Part5 Scenery

There were so many amazing pictures of the landscape/scenery that I will share more here!

Afghanistan #Ag Part4 Landscape

The landscape of Afghanistan appears beautiful…from vast emptiness of flat ground or majestic mountains to lush green cropping and forested areas. There are so many photos to share that I may need more than one post.  I don’t know locations of where most are taken so while not many descriptions, enjoy the photos from this beautiful country!

Afghanistan #Ag Part3 Interesting Pics

These were some interesting pictures to me or held interesting stories so they made today’s post!

Afghanistan #Ag Part2

Today I will share more pictures from the livestock perspective in Afghanistan.  More information about this Agribusiness Development Team (ADT2) and their efforts can be found at

Afghanistan Ag-Part1

This past two weeks has been interesting to me to see Afghanistan through my husband’s eyes.  It was eye-opening to see his pictures and view the videos he has taken with the helmet cam that he purchased. 

His first reaction was how special it was to see the Statue of Liberty as he and a group of soldiers flew from oversees and saw U.S. soil for the first time in awhile.  He showed me pictures of the progress they are making with the demonstration farm-helping the Afghan people understand how to plant wheat and saffron.  Planting inside the greenhouse which was built to extend the fruit and vegetable growing season will begin shortly.  He showed me pictures of a poultry graduation where women and girls were taught how to raise poultry to feed their families.  He showed me video of the Afghan children who mob the soldiers whenever they are out on missions.  The children are always asking for pens and candy.  He showed me beautiful countryside which varied greatly from vast emptiness to lush green areas.  He showed me Afghan Extension Agents with a hunger to learn and desire to help their people.  Ultimately he showed me what I already knew-that we have a great military force who is doing their best to serve our country, defend our freedom, and help the Afghan people realize the same freedoms that we so often take for granted!  I will attempt to share this story in a series of blog posts.

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