Upcoming Events

May Events

Safe Planting!

May 17: Field Crop Scouting-In Person Training, Reg. 8:30 a.m. Program 8:55 a.m., ENREC near Mead, https://extension.unl.edu/statewide/enre/fieldcropscouttraining/
May 17: Crop Science Investigation for Youth, 4:45 p.m., RSVP: jrees2@unl.edu
May 18: BQA and BQAT Certification training, 4 p.m., Casey’s Building in Albion, RSVP 308-632-1230
May 26: Fillmore Co. Progressive Ag Safety Day, Fairgrounds in Geneva, RSVP: 402-759-3712

June-August Events

June 4: Beginning Shepherd Program, 8 a.m., Extension Office, Beatrice, RSVP: (308) 386-8378
June 8: Diversifying with Small Ruminants, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., O’Neill, https://extension.sdstate.edu/event/diversifying-small-ruminants
June 9: Wheat Variety Tour, 6:30 p.m., Jefferson County: Knobel Seeds, https://go.unl.edu/2k8o
June 14: York Co. Progressive Ag Safety Day, 8:30-1 p.m., Fairgrounds in York, RSVP: 402-362-5508
June 20: Wheat Variety Tour, 10 a.m., Gosper Co.: Troy tenBensel, https://go.unl.edu/2k8o
June 21: Crop Science Investigation for Youth, 4:45 p.m., jrees2@unl.edu
June 29: Weed Management Field Day, SCAL near Clay Center
July 19: Crop Science Investigation for Youth, 4:45 p.m., jrees2@unl.edu
Aug. 4: UNL South Central Ag Lab Field Day, SCAL near Clay Center
Aug. 4-7: York County Fair
Aug. 4-7: Seward County Fair
Aug. 9-12: Soybean Management Field Days

Pesticide Applicator Training: For anyone who purchases/uses restricted use pesticide products.

Private Applicators: 
Online Training $50: https://web.cvent.com/event/4efa4d41-c770-4a78-99d7-4c4ea75d45ae/summary

Commercial/Non-Commercial: https://pested.unl.edu/certification-and-training
Purchasing Materials: https://marketplace.unl.edu/pested/commercial-noncommercial-study-materials
Exam locations: https://nda.nebraska.gov/pesticide/applicator_testing.html
Online Recertification Option: https://pested.unl.edu/online-recertification-commercialnoncommercial-applicators
Chemigation Training: Anyone who applies fertilizer and/or pesticides through irrigation systems needs to have a chemigation license by attending training and passing an exam. Training is provided both in person and online. No charge.

In Person (RSVP): https://edmedia.wufoo.com/reports/2022-chemigation-training-dates/
Online: https://water.unl.edu/article/agricultural-irrigation/chemigation
RUP Dicamba Training:This is no longer provided by Extension. Information for each company’s training can be found at the links below:

Bayer (XtendiMax): https://www.roundupreadyxtend.com/stewardship/pages/default.aspx
BASF (Engenia): https://www.engeniaherbicide.com/training.html
Syngenta (Tavium): https://www.syngenta-us.com/herbicides/tavium-application-stewardship


Adams County          402-461-7209
Buffalo County          308-236-1235
Butler County           402-367-7410
Clay County              402-762-3644
Fillmore County        402-759-3712
Franklin County        308-425-6277
Hall County               308-385-5088
Hamilton County      402-694-6174
Kearney County       308-832-0645
Lancaster County     402-441-7180
Merrick County         308-946-3843
Nuckolls County       402-225-2381
Phelps County          308-995-4222
Platte County            402-563-4901
Polk County              402-474-2321
Saline County           402-821-2151
Saunders County     402-624-8030
Seward County 402-643-2981
Thayer County 402-768-7212
Webster County 402-746-3417
York County 402-362-5508
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