Upcoming Events

August Events

Aug. 11: Soybean Management Field Days, Hildreth
Aug. 12: Soybean Management Field Days, Elgin
Aug. 13: Soybean Management Field Days, Shelby
Aug. 14: Soybean Management Field Days, Arlington
Aug. 20: Midwest Soil Health Clinic, ENREC
Aug. 25: SCAL Field Day, Clay Center
Aug. 26: Midwest Soybean Production Clinic, ENREC
Aug. 27: Midwest Corn Production Clinic, ENREC

Private PSEP

First-time and recertifying private applicators can use this program. Please plan on 5+ hours to complete this and it doesn’t have to be completed in one setting. This handout was created by Jenny Nixon, Nathan Mueller and Sarah Sivits that contains step by step registration instructions.

Initial Commercial/Noncommercial PSEP

Initial training for commercial/noncommercial applicators will be available solely through FlipBooks available online at the PSEP store.

  • Please contact NDA for questions about applicator exams at 402-471-2351.

Recertification Training

All 2020 recertification training options have concluded.

Chemigation Recertification AND Initial

Those seeking both initial and recertification chemigation certification can accomplish this entirely online by completing the online course and test. Those recertifying will enter your Chemigation Applicator ID number. Those who are initial will type ‘INITIAL’ instead of a number.


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