Upcoming Events


April 22: Crop Science Investigation (CSI for Youth): Planting Experiment/Soil Temps, 5 p.m., Extension Office, RSVP: 402-362-5508
April 23: Wellness in Tough Times Free Webinar, Noon-1 p.m. CST, http://go.unl.edu/farmstresswebinar
April 24-25: Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities, Beatrice, http://go.unl.edu/CECconf
April 27: 2019 Gardener’s Expo, 10 a.m.-Noon, Killgore Memorial Library, York
April 29: Rescheduled: Ag Banquet, 5:30 p.m. Social, 6:30 p.m. Prime Rib Dinner, Ag Pavilion Seward Co. Fairgrounds
April 29-30: Water for Food Conference, Nebraska Innovation Campus



May 8: Field Scout Training, Reg. 8 a.m., ENREC (former ARDC) near Mead, https://enre.unl.edu/crop.
May 20: CSI for Youth: Beginning season scouting, 5 p.m., RSVP jrees2@unl.edu
May 20: Ag Land Management Webinar, 6 p.m., Register: https://agecon.unl.edu/landmanagement

May 20-21: Tractor Safety Training, Fairgrounds, Geneva, (402) 759-3712,  https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
May 22-23: Tractor Safety Training, Fairgrounds, Nelson, (402) 225-2092,  https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
May 28-29: Tractor Safety Training, Extension Office, Grand Island, (308) 385-5088, https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
May 30-31: Tractor Safety Training, Extension Office, Kearney, (308) 236-1235, https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
June 6-7: Tractor Safety Training, Evangelical Free, Ainsworth, (402) 387-2213, https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
June 11-12: Tractor Safety Training, Plains Equipment, O’Neill, (402) 336-2760, https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
June 13-14: Tractor Safety Training, WCREC, North Platte, (308) 532-2683, https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
June 17: CSI for Youth: Focus on Soybeans, 5 p.m., RSVP jrees2@unl.edu
June 18: Wheat and Pulse Crop Field Day, ENREC near Mead

June 20-21: Tractor Safety Training, Fairgrounds, Wayne, (402) 375-3310, https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
June 26: SCAL Weed Science and Cover Crop Field Day, South Central Ag Lab near Clay Center
July 1-2: Tractor Safety Training, Fairgrounds, Weeping Water, (402) 267-2205, https://go.unl.edu/mcyy
July 10: Palmer Amaranth Resistance Field Day, Carleton
July 15: CSI for Youth: Extension Shadow, jrees2@unl.edu
Aug. 1: South Central Ag Lab Field Day, near Clay Center
Aug. 13-16: Soybean Management Field Days
Aug. 19: Flame Weeding Workshop, ENREC (former ARDC) near Mead
Aug. 19: CSI for Youth: Estimating Corn Yields, 5 p.m., jrees2@unl.edu
Aug. 19: Ag Land Management Webinar, 6 p.m., Register: https://agecon.unl.edu/landmanagement
Aug. 22: Soil Health Training, ENREC near Mead
Aug. 22: York Co. Corn Grower Plot Tour, 5-7 p.m.
Aug. 27: Soybean In-Field Production Training, ENREC near Mead
Aug. 28: Corn In-Field Production Training, ENREC near Mead
Sept. 16: CSI for Youth, Potential Tour, jrees2@unl.edu
Oct. 21: CSI for Youth: Harvest Losses, 5 p.m., jrees2@unl.edu
Nov. 18: CSI for Youth: Soil sampling, 5 p.m., jrees2@unl.edu
Nov. 18: Ag Land Management Webinar, 6 p.m., Register: https://agecon.unl.edu/landmanagement
Dec. 16: CSI for Youth: Soil sample results, 5 p.m., jrees2@unl.edu

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