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Picking Poinsettias

Ever wonder about picking the perfect poinsettia? Check out these tips from Elizabeth Killinger at UNL! She even includes information on caring for your poinsettia and the debate on whether or not they are poisonous!


Thanksgiving has passed and before too long it will be time to decorate for the holidays.  No holiday decorating would be complete without poinsettias in the house.  These plants are a part of most holiday traditions, but do you know what it takes to pick out the best one and makes it last long into the new year?

Poinsettias are as interesting as they are beautiful.  These plants originated in Mexico and are a member of the Euphorbiaceae family which secretes a milky sap when wounded.  The poinsettia bloom is actually a tiny yellow flower located in the center of all the color.  The brightly colored red, burgundy, or pink parts that look like ‘petals’ are actually called bracts.  Bracts are a type of modified leaf which change color based upon day length.

Picking out the perfect poinsettia doesn’t require too much research.  Start by purchasing fresh, healthy looking plants…

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Harvesting Downed Corn

Hand harvesting downed corn in western Nebraska

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