Cover Crops after Harvest

The past few months I’ve received several questions on cover crop options particularly after corn or soybean harvest.

Key highlights from this CropWatch article from Cover cropsPaul Jasa, UNL Extension Engineer at include:

  • Most cover crops need at least 30 days of growth to start being effective and many should have 60 days or more days to provide full benefits.
  • Cover crop cocktails should be used as much as possible. The diversity in the mixture builds microbial and physical soil function and reduces the risk of failure.
  • Check with your local USDA FSA Office and your crop insurance provider regarding the use of cover crops with your farm programs.

How many of you are planting cover crops this year?  Which cover crops are  you planting? What reasons did you decide to plant cover crops?

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I'm the Crops and Water Extension Educator for York and Seward counties in Nebraska with a focus in irrigated crop production and plant pathology.

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  1. Do you cross plant soyabean and corn, then? I’ve heard of radishes and carrots, but not soya and corn!

    • Rick-thanks for the comment! If you’re asking if we use corn and soybeans for cover crops, we don’t typically. What I was sharing was cover crop options for our corn and soybean farmers to consider after they harvest those crops. Typically turnips, radishes, rye, and various legumes are used as cover crops here.

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