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Unwelcome ‘Holiday Guests’

Great advice from Elizabeth Killinger to keep house mice out of your home this winter!!!!


Winter and snow means that house guests might be coming.  Take a few steps now to make sure your ‘guests’ are the ones you want at your house, not the furry, unwelcome kind.

House mice are common guests once the outdoor temperatures drop.  These small light gray, furry rodents have large ears and long tail.  Their preferred food is grains, but they will munch on just about anything.  One reason mice can be a problem once inside is due to their rapid ability to reproduce.  Each year, a female mouse can produce 5-10 litters, with about 5-6 young per litter.  Mice make nests out of materials like paper, feathers, or other fluffy materials.

Understanding how mice function helps in the control process.  They have relatively poor eyesight and are near-sighted.  To make up for this deficit, they utilize their whiskers to feel the walls as they move around.  Mice also…

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